Here’s what to do in case you are trapped inside a sinking car


You will never know when a bit of bad luck is going to hit you and the next thing you know, you’re already trapped inside your car as it is sinking underwater. 

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation, do not panic as you still have some time, specifically, a few seconds to save yourself.

According to YouTube video by Bright Side, the keys here are your reaction time and speed. Remember, a sinking car will not immediately submerge. This means that you have to fully utilise all the very brief time you have to escape before it is too late.

As soon as you find yourself in a sinking car, do these two very important steps. First, unfasten your seatbelt and roll down your car window as quickly as you can

Once you have rolled down the car window, that is the time for you to escape the sinking car through the open window before the car is fully submerged.

It is really important that you complete these two steps in under a minute. Otherwise, you might find yourself in greater danger.

So, why do you need to escape the sinking car through the window instead of just opening the door?

Even though it might sound simpler to escape in that manner, unfortunately, the high water pressure from the outside will not make it possible for you to open the door.

The door will not budge however strong you are pushing it from the inside of your car!

However, if you were to slow to react and the car has already begun to submerge, it is possible that the water pressure can pin your window and door shut. If this happens, you do not have any other options left but to break the window.

In this situation, use your foot to break the side window by kicking at the top of the window or take out the headrest and use the pointy ends to smash at the part where the window meets the door.

You can also use your stilettos or your elbow to break the window.

Never ever think of breaking the windshield as it is designed to resist impacts.

In the case where there are children with you, do the very first two steps first which are unfastened your seatbelt and roll down the car window first before you help the children.

Then, proceed to unfasten the children’s seatbelt and push them out of the car window.

When you manage to swim out of the sinking car, follow the direction of rising air bubbles to reach the surface.

It is possible that you can become disoriented underwater and as the water around you gets murky and cloudy, following the air bubbles can help you find the right direction.

While getting trapped inside a sinking car might seem unlikely to happen, these life-saving tips are definitely worth to read and remember!

Watch the full video here

Credit: YouTube/Bright Side 


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