Woman wins hearts when she took off scarf to cover shivering stray dog. She never thought her small act would receive so much attention.


This kind woman provided warmth for a poor stray when it needed most and her kind act was captured by a security camera.

It was cold and rainy day in Zonguldak, Turkey when a customer was seen leaving a cafe. As she passes through the doorway, she notices a stray dog curled up in the cold and stop by it. Realized how bad the weather is even for her, the lady takes off her own scarf and put it on the dog.

The dog was just outside the cafe—shivering.

Credit: Facebook/Boran Karahan

The woman noticed the dog and stopped in front of it.

Credit: Facebook/Boran Karahan

She never expected that the footage of her kind act to the stray dog would be posted online. It captures the hearts of many and making headlines across the country.

“Humanity is not dead,” heralded one news outlet.

She takes off her scarf and covers the stray dog.

Credit: Facebook/Boran Karahan

As the footage went viral, someone recognized the lady as one of their friends named Duygu Elma. Thinking that she just need to do the right thing, Elma never expected to garner that much attention from gifting the stray dog her scarf.

“I couldn’t imagine that my actions would receive this attention. I’m very surprised about it. The weather was so cold. I just couldn’t take it when I saw him shivering.” told Elma to The Dodo.

Elma wasn’t expecting any attention to her act.

Credit: Facebook/Duygu Elma

Watch the moment Elma takes off her scarf and covers the stray dog here:

Köpek üşümez diyen olursa ağır konuşurum!Zonguldak 'ta mağazadan çıkan bir bayan, üşüyen köpeğimizi görüyor. Ne yapsam diye düşünürken boynundan çıkardığı şalı üzerine örtüyor. Insanlar yavaş yavaş bile olsa artık bilinçleniyorlar. Umutluyuz

Posted by Boran Karahan on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Elma has definitely set a good example to all of us to help the vulnerable.

Credit: The Dodo


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