Thai police officer talks down knife wielder and offers a hug to comfort him


It is almost unheard off for someone to suddenly wield a knife and threaten police officer in a police station but that was what happened to police officer, Anirut Malee. 

The Bangkok-based police officer was on his duty when a man suddenly burst through the front doors and took out a knife.

In the incident which was caught on the police station’s security cameras, the man appears to wield a knife in front of several police officers.

However, rather than handling the situation with aggression, Malee took a unique approach.

The security camera later shows the police officer attempted to calm the man down and convinced him to hand over the knife.

To everyone’s surprise, the man later surrendered and handed his knife as Malee calmed him down with a hug.

According to Malee, he saw nothing but anguish in the man’s eyes so he thought that offering comfort and assurance was the best that he could offer to the man.

Malee, who has been an officer for 23 years, spoke about the incident with news stations later and explained that he was just trying to do what he’s always been trained to do.

“We try to negotiate first,” he explained. “I could have wrestled him down and taken his knife away, but what if he ended up hurting himself?”

Turned out that the 45-year-old musician had a rough time which led to him threatening police officers with a knife. He was cheated by his employer over his salary and later, his guitar was stolen.

Malee later gifted the man a new guitar and told him that it was not worth to engage in acts of violence.

Credit: Facebook/ Anirut Malee

“If a suspect was really threatening, we have a sniper for that,” Malee said. “But for this case, I could handle myself. It was just a knife … we had training about this.”

Watch the full video of the suspenseful moment here:

Credit: The Epoch Times | Newsner 


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