Filipino siblings invent lamp that runs on just water and salt—and it can last for 8 hours straight!


Electric supply is one of the lacking necessity in certain parts of the world even until today. Thinking to overcome this problem, these three siblings from the Philippines came out with one genius invention.

Aisa Mijeno is a computer engineering graduate who came out with the idea to make a lamp that runs on salt water together with her brothers Ralph Mijeno and Oscar Bryan Magtibay.

Aisa Mijeno is currently a member of the engineering faculty of the De La Salle University in Lipa, Batangas.

She invented the lamp with her brothers.

Credit: Pinoy Juander

Mijeno and her siblings invented a lamp that is generated from a glass of tap water and 2 tablespoons of salt. Impressively, the lamp can last for 8 hours straight!

Besides salt and water, the lamp can also be generated by natural salty water like sea water.

Credit: YouTube

Mijeno with her lamp.

Credit: YouTube

Called the SALt or Sustainable Alternative Lighting, the lamp is the best alternative to replace the kerosene lamp and candles used by the Filipino as it is more environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

What’s more, you can also charge your handphone using the USB port built-in together with the lamp!

Credit: YouTube

According to Mijeno, they have no intention to compete with other inventors of sustainable alternative light sources but instead fully supports those who promote the use of renewable energy.

Aware that her invention may affect businesses offering similar services such as companies producing solar panels which a bit costly, Mijeno emphasized that the creation of the lamp is to change the habit of Filipinos living in remote communities.

She invented the lamp thinking about people living in remote areas.


The light coming from the lamp is bright enough for everyday use.

A member of Greenpeace Philippines, Mijeno explained that the idea to invent the lamp came to her when she was in Kalinga. The residents in the remote communities of Kalinga have to walk for six hours every other day just to get kerosene to power their lamps.

With a lamp that uses easily accessible ingredients like water and salt, those people will no longer have to endure long hours walking nor spend money on kerosene.

Credit: Nikkei Asian Review

Even when you need to change some parts inside the lamp every six months, it will only cost you P100 (USD 1.92) and P200 (USD 3.84) to annually sustain the lamp.

Credit: YouTube

Such an amazing invention! We might need one to save the bill!


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