Overexcited dog can’t wait to visit the vet, jumping non-stop out of excitement


Most dogs dread visiting the vet, but clearly this one dog right here is not one of them. This black dog called Endo was brought by its owner to Colorado State University  Veterinary Hospital for check-ups and we can see that it feels happy about that.

Endo came to the vet with its owner.

While its owner was registering Endo at the Veterinary Hospital counter, the black dog looks extremely overjoyed to meet the vet and started to continuously jump in front of the counter.

Looking at that, the hospital worker can’t help to notice Endo’s excitement and amused by its behavior.

The worker can’t stop laughing at Endo.

It was reported that this is not the first time Endo came for medical check-ups in the hospital. Well, that most probably means that Endo just can’t wait to meet its favorite doctor and started to jump non-stop.

The 42 seconds video of Endo jumping was uploaded in the hospital’s Facebook and people seemed to enjoy it as it already received 1.4 million views!

Endo can’t stop jumping.

Apparently, Endo was said to be behaving that way every time it visited that vet. People are assuming that the hospital must have treated the animal very kindly as Endo was overjoyed to come again.

Another worker came to greet Endo.

Watch Endo continuously jumped here:

Endo definitely loves the vet!


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