Little boy cries during vaccine shot but did not forget to say his thank you to the nurse!


Most parents would bring their children to the hospital to get flu prevention shots. A father named Lin from Taiwan is no exception and brought his son Chris to get his vaccine shot. The small child knows it is going to be painful but Chris’s reaction was so cute and polite, showing what a good boy he is.

Chris, 1 year and 7 months old, was sitting on his father’s lap and was getting ready to receive the shot on his thigh. At that time, he already knew that the needle held by the nurse is for him.

The nurse gently persuaded Chris and asked for his father, Lin to help calm him down to avoid injuring him during the injection. The nurse quickly give the shot although little Chris screamed in pain and cried out loud.

Funny thing was, while little Chris was sobbing, he did not forget to say “Thank you! Thank you! ” for five times to the nurse while looking at her.

The nurse also praised little Chris at being a good boy and for being so polite! His parents have taught him really well!

Check out this cute video recording below.


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