His girlfriend wanted to break up because he was ‘poor’ so he showed her what money could not buy


Nothing can beat the feeling knowing that someone loves you dearly but what happens when they only love you for what you have, not who you are as a person?

A netizen named David shared a tear-jerking story on Dcard about his former girlfriend whom he thought would accept him as he was but turned out that her love was conditional.

When they were still in a relationship, everything was fine and they rarely got into a fight. However, everything became sour when his ex-girlfriend paid more attention to materials and started to compare him with other men.

In his story, David told how his former lover became more materialistic as their relationship progressed to the point that she refused to eat at roadside stalls when in fact, the couple used to frequent the stalls a lot to have their meals.

David later recalled the times before he first met his former girlfriend. It was so simple back then.

At that time, he was very naive. He surprised her when she least expected his appearance and all other things that did not require any money at all. He did them just to make her happy.

Due to his laidback appearance, people around him never expected him to come from a well-off family.

The truth was he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but thanks to his humble upbringing, he never felt the need to show off what he has.

David revealed that he never had to worry about living expenses but emphasized that he enjoyed earning a living on his own although it is just an average job.

He never let her know his real family background at the beginning of their relationship as the two led a simple life. They usually ate at roadside stalls, watching television at home and sometimes, went out for a movie.

It was not until a few months later that his ex-girlfriend started to change and argued with him.

“Why do other men give their girlfriend expensive smartphones, branded handbags and clothing and why all do you give meals at roadside stalls and night market goods?” he remembered her saying this to him one day.

Eventually, they started fighting and the girl decided to break up. Brokenhearted, David asked to eat one last meal with him.

“Wouldn’t it be a roadside stall again? What’s delicious about it?” she said.

David promised to treat her with a good meal so the girl agreed although she was reluctant.

When the day came, David came to pick her in a BMW car.

As soon as he saw the shocked reaction on the girl’s face, he became disheartened as what he had done for her before means nothing to her compared to what he is showing her now.

So, he picked her up and drove to his house. It was a mansion and servants lining up to greet him as they walked to the dining room where delicious food were splayed across a huge dining table.

When he introduced her to his parents, he said, “Dad, Mom, this is my best girl friend.”

The girlfriend’s face was still smiling, even though she heard the word friend.

They enjoyed their food together for the last time and he could see that the girl felt sorry for choosing to end their relationship.

After the meal, David took the girl home. As she got off his car, the ex-girlfriend said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” to which he replied, “It doesn’t matter. I can’t give you the life that you want.”

David ended his story with a reminder that while materials may play a factor in a relationship, it will not last long if the love is only based on materials alone. At the end of the day, there are always people who are better looking and richer but it is never comparable to pure love.

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