Cyclist couple saved frightened kitten in deep forest, now it’s the biggest cuddler in the family!


Daniel and his wife, Celine love cycling. One day, the couple was cycling in the countryside of central Brittany, France when they suddenly discovered a tiny wandering calico by itself.

Daniel and Celine mentioned that they heard a loud sound coming from the side of the road so they stopped to investigate when they found that tiny kitten all alone.

Celine picked the poor little kitty.

“We were on a very quiet road passing through a forest with no houses nearby when we suddenly heard a loud screeching noise coming from a patch of bracken (fern) on the side of the road,” Celine told Love Meow.

“At first, we thought it was some kind of bird so we stopped and tried to see where the noise was coming from. And there it was, a frightened little kitten, crying.”

The kitten was probably scared for being alone in the deep forest all by itself for quite some time and didn’t want to come near the couple. It looked anxious and shaky. So Celine decided to lay on the ground and talked to her softly, trying to gain her trust.

The kitty later realized that the couple meant no harm and started to walk up to Celine. It wanted to cuddle! That was when Celine knew that they need to bring that kitty home.

“She would not leave me. She kept climbing on me (with her claws) and crying. At that point, we knew we had to try to get her back home,” said Celine.

The trip home going to be long but the couple cyclists had nowhere to keep the kitten. So Daniel stowed the kitty in his jersey while the little one keeps on moving. They rushed back to their car and safely get the kitty home.

You’re safe in here!

Once the couple got home, Celine said that it jumped right into her arms when she called-as if she was ready to go home with them. They named her Mini Kitty.

“She spent her first evening giving my husband a thank-you-grooming session.”

“I think you need a hug too. Come, let me hug you.”

Since then, Mini Kitty has been the biggest cuddler in the family and would hug practically anyone or anybody.

“She is a lovely cat, very friendly and playful. As soon as she hears us getting up, she runs up the stairs to greet us by purring and head-butting us,” Celine told Love Meow.

Could use a cuddle? Mini Kitty is here for you.

Mini Kitty didn’t forget to cuddle with its canine buddy.

The little kitty thinks that Piglet needs a hug too.

A year later, Mini Kitty is no longer mini, but still cuddles every day.

Apparently, Mini Kitty was not the first cat saved by a cyclist. A cyclist named Ozgur Nevres was cycling near his home in Turkey when he found an injured cat and decided to save it.

Same with Celine and Daniel, Ozgur also didn’t bring any bags that day, so he put the kitten in his shirt near his neckline.

From what we can see, the little kitty is loving the ride!

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Posted by Lotto the Cat on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Luckily these kittens found kind people like Daniel, Celine and Ozgur who’s willing to save them!

Credit: Love Meow


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