Touching video shows parents happily take care of their paralyzed son every day


Zack Collie from Newport Beach, California loves to dive in the sea and he did it a hundred times before with his friends. But one day luck was not on his side and that changed his life forever.

When he was 15, Collie who is now a 24-year-old was running towards the sea, dived into an oncoming wave and hit a sandbar first. Unfortunately, he injured his neck and spine from the incident. He felt nothing and his body was numb. His muscles can’t be moved—Collie was almost drowned.

“Instantly after the impact, my whole body went numb and tingly similar to when your arm falls asleep,” told Collie.

“I knew my friends would think I was messing around and by the time they realized something serious had happened, by then I would have already inhaled water. But a friend ran over to me and flipped my body so that my face was out of the water.”

“He pulled my body out of the water and my other friends who didn’t know how bad things that happened thought that I was playing a prank on them. My arms just fell to the ground as if they were not a part of my body.”

Collie has been diagnosed with C-4 spinal cord injury with paralysis of body, hands, and feet.

“In a split second, I went from being able to move every muscle in my body to moving nothing. I could no longer feed myself, take a shower on my own, shave, dress, do my hair, brush my teeth and much more.”

Collie had to live with his parents as he is dependent on others because he can’t move his own body anymore. 9 years after the incident, Collie regained small amounts of movement in his arms and legs but too weak to move his own body or hold everyday objects.

His mother hoisted Collie out of bed.

The parents help Collie sit on the wheelchair.

Even when it’s hard to prepare him for the day every single time, this touching time-lapse video recorded beautiful relationships of Collie and his parents, Adron and Amber. In the video, Collie and his mother, Amber was seen laughing and hugging when she’s getting him out of the bed, showered and dressed for the day. She even styled his hair perfectly!

She washed her son.

Put pants on him.

Every movement looks difficult to be done, but Amber and Adron both appear to be smiling and laughing throughout the process and embracing a loving hug at the end. Collie mentioned that the incident really had changed his relationships with his family.

He gave his mother a hug after she finished dressing him up.

His mother replied with a kiss on the cheek!

“Growing up, I did not have a good relationship with my family. I was the typical 15-year-old teenager that only cared about himself. After my accident, the relationship with my family did a full 180. This accident brought me closer to my siblings and parents. This injury has matured me in ways I never would have if it didn’t happen.”

Living with so much difficulty, Collie mentioned that he loves his life. He believed that he has achieved more right now that he would have in his entire previous life.

Watch a day in Collie’s life here:

Such a beautiful family!

Credit: Daily Mail UK


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