Teen girl without limbs lives in a plastic tub after suffering from mysterious growth condition


We’ve seen people live with no limbs, but Rahma Haruna’s condition is like no other. The doctor recommended euthanasia to her parents but they never lose hope for their daughter.

Haruna is a 19-year-old teenage girl from Kano, northern Nigeria living with an extremely rare and mysterious condition which led her to suffer constant pain every single day.

She was born a healthy baby but her growth came to a sudden halt and she just stopped hitting key development milestones.

The cause of her condition is unknown and baffled the doctors and family members. Haruna’s father, Hussaini explained that he spent 15 years searching for the cure and went anywhere possible to look for money and pay his daughter’s bills.

“I sold almost everything in my possession. I have spent more than one million Naira (US$ 3,314) so far. Only God knows the real amount of what I had spent.”

Unfortunately, Haruna needs to live inside a plastic tub.

Despite her disability that forced her to live inside the tub, Haruna is a bright and happy child dreaming of becoming a grocer and opening her own small shop one day.

“She learned how to sit when it began, when she turned six months old. She didn’t learn how to crawl,” explained Haruna’s mother, Fadi.

“She started with a fever and that was it. Then stomach pains. Then her body parts like hands and legs. She cannot use any if the ache strikes.”

Living with such condition, Haruna’s family works hard to provide her a fulfilling life and transport her around the village in her plastic tub.

“They helped me a lot. How do they? They gave me anything I need,” said Haruna.

Particularly close with her brother, Fahad, Haruna was recently given a wheelchair so that she can be pushed around in her plastic tub.

Haruna and her brother.

She moved around in a wheelchair with the help of family.

After enduring the pain and hardship for so long, Haruna was reportedly passed away on Christmas day of December 2016.

Watch her life here:

May she rest in peace.


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