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62-year-old woman raises $15,000 to help cancer patients by collecting trash for 21 years


This 62-year-old sweetheart spends every day walking up down East Hastings streets in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside collecting trash—and the reason she does so is tear-jerking. 

Over the past 21-years, Gia Tran has picked up empty bottles and cans, but not because she needs money, but because she’s determined to raise money for a cancer charity.

Credit: Twitter/ @bccancerfdn

Her altruistic actions haven’t gone unnoticed, and many have taken to the internet to praise her noble deed.

“She lives around my neighborhood, seen her picking up empties. I was at the Hastings church’s, she came in with a big bag full of empties,” one person commented on Reddit.

Another said, “Back when I lived in Vancouver I used to see her down at Granville Island collecting recyclables.”

Her life goal is to help cancer patients through the money she makes from the bottles and cans, so she walks every day to the returns depot, even with bags of trash!

Credit: Twitter/ @bccancerfdn

“I walk. On the bus I only get one bag, not two bags,” Tran told CBC Canada

After collecting the money, she usually walks for another 45 minutes to an hour to the B.C. Cancer Foundation’s to donate her precious pennies!

Amazingly, she has raised $15,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation throughout the years!

And they are more than grateful for her hard work!

Credit: Twitter/ @bccancerfdn

The BC Cancer Foundation wrote on Twitter, “Every day for the past 21 years, Gia makes the hour-long trek across town to our front desk, flashes her smile & drops off a small donation – proceeds from recyclables she collects & returns. To date, she has raised $15K! Thank you for inspiring us all with your generosity.”

And although it’s been over two decades, she always walks in with a huge smile on her face.

“She comes in with a big smile and she always says, ‘I love everybody here, and I want to help people,’” receptionist Dianne Parker said.

What a wonderful and kind soul. We hope her beautiful story can inspire more people to make a difference to the world.

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