This dog was caught playing outside until late by his angry owner—he apologized in the most adorable way


This golden retriever was caught red-handed by his owner for playing outside until late in the afternoon but what he did later to comfort his owner is really adorable.

This guilty golden retriever was walking back home when he saw his owner standing outside with an iron rod, perhaps looking furious when he came back late.

In the video, this furry friend walks slowly towards his angry owner who is ready to scold him

After realising what is about to happen, the golden retriever works his best puppy-eyed look on him

But it does not work!

So, the dog decides to do what is best when being caught guilty—apologising. The dog then gently hugs his owner, begging him to not scold him any longer and it is adorable!

That is when his owner goes soft-hearted on him and the two make peace as the dog sneakily brings the iron rod away from his owner.

Watch the funny video of this clever dog begging for forgiveness after coming back home late than usual here

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