Newborn baby did the unexpected—hugs and clings on to mother’s face right after delivery


Brenda Coelho de Souza, a 24 year old woman from Brazil, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Agata Ribeiro Coelho via a caesarean section. What the baby did during the customary skin-to-skin contact astonished everyone in the room!

The newborn baby was swaddled immediately after being delivered.

Look at that beautiful newborn smile saying, “I’m here!”

Credit: Brenda Coelho/Facebook

In the short video clip taken, Agata was seen hugging and clinging on to her mother’s face for more than a minute!

De Souza said, “This is an amazing moment, my daughter hugging me for the first time.” Recalling the doctor’s reaction, she said, “The medical team and everyone there was shocked to see my baby’s reaction. They were really impressed with the way my daughter was expressing her love, right after birth.”

Agata is still gripping tight and won’t let go. 

Beautiful mother and daughter!

Credit: Brenda Coelho/Facebook

It was almost as if Agata was giving her mother a special surprise. “She’s now three months old and growing well. Every day I spend with her is a surprise and I love being a mother,” de Souza says.

Happy birthday Agata!

Credit: Brenda Coelho/Facebook

Agata’s sweet reaction just moments after she was born has definitely touched our hearts.

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Source: NTDTV


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