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Salespeople ignored this shabby old man thinking he was a beggar—shocked when he came back with $20,000 in cash to buy a Harley Davidson motorbike


Have you heard of the many incidents where the salespeople of a luxury store judge a customer based on their attire and appearance?

Well, just because the person walking in is dressed casually, some salespeople would ignore them assuming they cannot afford items on sale.

According to Thai Visa, an elderly man from Thailand went to several motorbike dealerships but was ignored because he was wearing a torn oversized T-shirt, faded grey pants and a pair of worn out flip-flops.

This gave the impression that he couldn’t possibly afford one of the expensive superbikes on display.

The poor man went from one dealership to another until he finally received attention and friendly treatment from a big bike shop.

Within just 10 minutes, the old man decided on a Harley Davidson bike and whipped out $20,000 from his baggy pants for payment.

This don’t-judge-a-book story went viral after the man’s elder sister took it to social media. According to her, the humble man is called Lung Decha and he is an honest, hard-working mechanic who has partially retired from work. He doesn’t smoke, drink nor gamble.

After working hard his entire life, he decided to use his savings to buy the bike of his dreams. Let this be a lesson to all the salespeople out there!



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