Hilariously adorable moment when cat crashes the runway and steals the spotlight at a fashion show


Why is it called a catwalk when humans are the ones walking on it? This fierce feline in Istanbul claims its right on the runway.

All guests in attendance were caught by surprise when, smack in the middle of a recent fashion show in Turkey, a cat jumped up and walked on the runway.

It stole the spotlight and everyone’s hearts. By force, of course. Any less, it wouldn’t be catty.

Both guests and press attending the Esmod International Fashion Show were both impressed and tickled by the presence of this feline contender.

It would seem that the random cat on the runway captured more attention than the designer clothes being modelled.

She loved the light and attention.

Cats and pets alike would usually try to seek attention from their owners if not provided the right levels of attention.

Perhaps this is just one of them who got too bored playing by herself and decided to join the crowd.


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