Swinging bridge challenge in China exposes super hilarious attempts as players struggle to keep their balance


A highly entertaining but very challenging game in China has just gone viral. This new game tests its players’ muscle coordination and body balance until the last person standing wins!

The game site is located at the famous tourist spot, Shuo Ping Flower Field in Ri Zhou district of China. The swinging bridge is constructed from strong but flexible bamboo plates, built across a shallow lake.

The game requires two opposing teams to shake or swing the bridge to get their opponents to fall from the bridge and into the water.

It’s fun to watch because you never know who will fall and what attempts they’ll take to keep their body balance.

This super entertaining game shot to fame with millions of players sharing their attempts.

Due to its popularity, the swinging bridge is currently featured on a weekly segment of China’s local television program named Hunan Television. This segment would feature celebrity guests going up against each other to see who would win the challenge.

In videos posted by players online, team members can be seen clutching to the edges of the bridge to keep from falling off.

In another video, the players aggressively swing the bridge until a majority of them fell into the water.

This hilarious challenge has become a major attraction on the tourist spot which was first opened in October 2014. It has garnered both national and international attention as curious fans flock to the area to try the challenge for themselves!


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