Heartwarming moment when color blind father ‘sees’ his children for the very first time


People nowadays take perfect vision for granted.

To combat blurriness, one only needs to visit an optician and acquire prescription glasses or corrective contact lenses.

But when it comes to color blindness, how do you solve something that has no cure? Of course, there are available options that provide temporary but effective results. However, these are often very expensive and very limited.

In Pennsylvania, a woman with a brother who was born with a serious case of color blindness – unable to distinguish red and green – has secretly started a fundraising campaign to buy a pair of corrective glasses for her brother. She eventually reached her goal and planned a surprise for him.

When the glasses arrived, he opened the package in front of his kids.

When he finally unwrapped it, he didn’t suspect anything because they looked like a normal pair of sunglasses.

She asked him to put it on and he was instantly stunned.

He cried when he saw his kids dressed up in bright winter jackets.

He became overwhelmed and had to sit down when he saw his kids’ eyes. He continued to cry, surrounded by his kids.

After that, he started to walk around a little bit. He saw the color of his car.

He even saw the different colors of flowers planted in front of his house.

The experience was too much for him, but he loved it.

For people with color-blindness, know that you are not alone. Being unable to distinguish certain colors is not something to be ashamed of. We should strive to lead colorful lives.


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