Curious bears play with a pink balloon at Netherlands Zoo


Three playful bears in Beekse Bergen Safari Park near Tilburg in the Netherlands received a wonderful surprise when they found a pink balloon in their enclosure.

Surprised by the strange object in their captivity, the three bears, however, decided to play with the pink balloon in the most adorable way.

Facebook user Xavier Simons shared the video of the three sloth bears playing with the balloon and the video has gained 30 million views so far.

The video shows one bear slowly walked over to the pink balloon with a curious expression on its face

As it finally near the pink balloon, the bear then sniffed the balloon out of curiosity

Meanwhile, the other two bears started to gather around the first bear as they were equally fascinated by the floating object

The three bears later can be seen playing with their new toy as they swatted the pink balloon and chased after it when it flew away

Unfortunately, the pink balloon was not made to withstand the bear’s paw which it later popped just after the bears play with it.

Nevertheless, the three adorable bears seemed to be more fascinated when the balloon popped!

Watch the three bears playing with a pink balloon in their captivity here


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