This creative man combines a chainsaw and a bicycle together for a powerful ride and it is amazing


One creative man gets an idea to combine a chainsaw and a bicycle and the result is super impressive.

Not everyone can afford to buy a car or a motorcycle. Not to mention the rising cost of public parking nowadays that can set anyone back at least hundreds of dollars every month.

Unfortunately, sometimes taking a public bus or walking can be quite time-consuming especially when you are in a hurry to attend an urgent matter.

So, a man got an idea to combine a chainsaw and a bicycle!

This innovation can be used to motorize any kind of bicycles that you own. Whether it is recumbents, folders or mountain bikes, you can use this creative engine to power up your ride

A high-quality chainsaw can go between $200 to $400, a good bargain cost when you compare it to buying a new car or a motorcycle and the maintenance that will cost you every month

However, do check with your local regulations about motorised bike firsthand to avoid any possible breach of traffic laws should you want to build one.

Watch how this man created his motorised bicycle with a chainsaw in this awesome tutorial video here


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