Dad sings “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to his baby daughter and her reaction is priceless


The classic hit “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the movie The Wizard of Oz has remained as a staple favourite around the globe so it really came as a surprise to this confused dad when his baby daughter burst into tears when he sang the song.

The hilarious video which was taken at their home in Chelsea, south west London shows baby Emma burst out crying when her dad started singing the song.

The three-month-old baby could not hide her negative reaction when she heard her dad Chris Russell’s singing and her dad found it hilarious

Only when her mom Louise Tucker started singing “My Girl” to her that baby Emma stopped crying and giggled again, showing off her toothless grin

However, the cheeky dad decided to tease his little girl again so he broke into the song again.

The funny video shows Emma bursting into tears once again when her dad sang the song for the second time

Her parents were really confused on why their little daughter hated the song since Chris was really fond of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” when he was a baby.

“It comes as a surprise she does not like “Somewhere over the Rainbow” because when she was in the womb, her father would sing it to her

“We are not sure why she likes “My Girl” sung by her mother better, but it certainly makes her happier,” said Louise

Watch how hilarious Emma reacts when her dad sings the song that she hates in this cute clip here


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