Mom came home to find out pet cow was chilling inside the house and her little daughter had a funny excuse for it


If there is a cow chilling inside of your house, what would you do? For a mother, that is not a hypothetical question anymore.

Billie Jo Decker came home to find her little five-year-old daughter Breanna had let their pet cow into the house and the girl had some pretty creative explanation for it.

Breanna told her mother that she was looking the other way when their pet cow Izzy came into the house through the opened door

The little girl insisted that she was not aware that the cow walked into their house until she found it lying on the porch floor next to their family dog

Billie Jo who knew her daughter well is heard saying: “You’re telling a fib. Now do you want to tell the truth about it?”

After another attempt at explaining the presence of the cow, Breanna then sat down next to the cow and stroked its head

The calf leaned in to cuddle before falling asleep with its head on the girl’s lap

Billie Jo later shared the heart-warming video of her daughter bonding with their pet cow on YouTube, attracting more than 8 million views so far

The cow has been with the family since she was only a few days old.

Watch the adorable moment Breanna tells excuses to her mother to let her cuddle up with their pet cow here


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