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Dad struggles to get his cheeky twins ready for bed and it is hilarious


If having to change one baby is already challenging, imagine having to change clothes for twins!

This dad has a tough time to change his twins. As if changing two is hard enough, the babies also start to crawl every time their dad wants to put on new clothes on them.

Ben Hayman is getting his twins ready for their bed and that means, putting on night clothes on the babies but it seems the twins still have so much energy left to play with their dad

Just when he thinks that he has got the situation under control, the cheeky twins manage to wiggle free

The dad attempts to keep the babies in one place but he miserably fails to do so as the twins decide to run and roll around

After a moment of struggling, Ben is finally able to dress his twins and get them ready for the bed. He then reaches over and cuddles them into his lap, before smiling towards the camera looking relieved.

Watch the hilarious moment of this struggling dad in this video here



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