This man’s flawless attempt at doing a trick shot will leave you stunned


How many times have you tried throwing crumpled papers into a bin, hoping to land a perfect shot?

For this talented group of YouTube stars, getting a perfect shot when throwing crumpled paper into a bin is only a child’s play as they always throw a flawless shot with almost any objects.

From keys, balls, pillows to trolleys, buggy car and slices of bread, these men make the trick shots look super easy even when they may seem impossible to be done

These men who called themselves “Dude Perfect” are some of the biggest stars on YouTube thanks to their hundreds of trick shot videos showing them defying gravity and making flawless and effortless trick shots

Dude Perfect has more than 32 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and the real-life trick shot video has racked up over 89.2 million views since it was uploaded last year

Even though all the trick shots look effortless, they admitted that the secret to their perfect trick shot is a lot of practice

Watch the compilation of their trick shots in this amazing video here


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