This little karaoke fan has the best reaction when her brother interrupts her singing and it is hilarious


A 4-year-old girl from Japan, Hana Onodera, loves karaoke so much that she sings her heart out every time she holds her microphone toy. 

So, when her little brother decides to pull a prank by knocking over her microphone during her karaoke session, she cannot help but to give him a death stare!

The serious karaoke fan became viral after a video of her cutting glare at her troublemaker brother, Haru, who interrupts her singing.

In the video, Hana is seen wearing grey pajamas. She completes her diva looks with a pair of sunglasses shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head

The little diva is singing into a microphone toy in front of her passionately when her little brother comes near

While Hana is so into the song, the little boy mischievously walks toward her and grabs the microphone

Hana who realises the uninvited interruption tries to secure her microphone but the microphone stand topples to the floor

She watches the microphone stand falls before her before turning her head around to stare at the culprit

Haru notices her sister’s cold glare but he instead turns to the camera and gasps before breaking into a giggle

Hana is clearly unimpressed with what Haru has done but the whole world fell in love with her cold reactions over the incident. When it first became viral on the internet, the clip has been retweeted by more than 110,000 times!

Hana may not be a superstar yet but she has definitely become popular for her signature glare!

Watch Hana’s hilarious reactions when her brother interrupts her karaoke session here


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