Unsuspecting dad was surprised to see a familiar face when he was called to the cockpit of the plane he was on


Pilots and flight attendants get to travel the world and get paid to do so. One could say that these are the perks that come with the long hours of hard work making sure the passengers get to their destination safely while trying to keep them comfortable during the journey. A downside to this job would be the fact that the crew is constantly away from home and therefore they don’t get to see their family often.

This pilot just so happened to be in charge of the flight that his father was scheduled to be on, so he decided to surprise his old man

The pilot had asked one of the flight attendants to invite his unsuspecting dad to the cockpit 

He had no clue as to what was going on but when he reached the front of the plane, he was ecstatic to find his son in the pilot’s seat

They both hugged it out and their happy reunion infected the rest of the crew who were all smiles

The co-pilot and flight attended left the cockpit so that father and son could have some privacy and catch up 

Watch the infectiously happy reunion below:


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