Shocking moment when this sea lion grabbed and dragged a girl into the water was captured on film


Sea lions have a reputation for being cute and playful animals as there have been many videos online depicting them as such. Therefore when a group of people saw a wild sea lion in the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia, they thought it meant no harm.

A passerby was filming the animal as it swam in the harbor looking up at all the people pointing at it. It started off as an ordinarily calm video of a sea lion swimming back and forth on the murky water. They noticed that it was actually massive in size as it’s body peeked through the waters when it turned. All was good until this shocking incident happened.

The video was captured by Michael Fujiwara who said a group of tourists were fascinated by the creature as he recalled “The family started feeding the animal and the sea lion started to become comfortable”

What started out as a harmless encounter quickly took a turn for the worse when the massive sea lion decided to lunge at a girl who sat by the ledge and dragged her into the water belowImage result for sea lion drags girl into waters

Luckily, one man didn’t think twice before heroically jumping in after her to bring her back up to the docks! Watch the harrowing video below:


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