Cheeky baby girl pranks her dad with fake crying when he wants to cut her nails


An adorable little girl finds when dad cutting her nails is the best time to pull a prank on him. Her cute prank might be the best pranks you will ever see!

Marcelinha from Sao Paolo, Brazil has become one of the internet’s viral sensation thanks to the video of her pranking her dad went viral.

It all starts when Marcelinha decides not to have her fingernails cut short by her dad. So, what she does next is she cries out every time her dad came close to her with the scissors.

Every time dad takes the scissors close to her little fingernails, this little girl will cry out, scaring her dad who then burst into laughter!

This girl might be small but she is full of mischievous prank ideas to pull on his dad. Her laughter is contagious that it will make you laugh so hard

Watch the adorable video of Marcelinha faking her crying when her dad tries to trim her fingernails here


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