These amazing instances of animals helping other animals will leave you stunned


There have been many videos surfacing on the internet lately which feature animals lending a helping hand to other animals. Although it is common knowledge that the rule of ‘survival of the fittest’ reigns supreme in the animal kingdom, once in a while they are known to help each other out.

This little peacemaker noticed two chickens getting into a brawl and stopped it by gently pulling them away from each other 

A spotted kitten needed help climbing up the stairs and this German Shepherd was kind enough to give it a lift

This deer was out in freezing waters unable to swim, but luckily a heroic dog saw it and came to it’s rescue

This sneaky cockatoo was caught red-handed when it stole pasta and fed it to it’s best friend below the counter 

Watch more of these incredible instances in the video below: 


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