Hilarious time-lapse video shows pandas struggling to scratch their extremely itchy backs


These pandas have serious itchy spots but it is certainly not helpful when their adorable paws cannot reach their itchy backs.

So, they try their best to scratch their itchy spots in every possible way they can and the result is hilarious!

A time-lapse video shows how these pandas deal with the niggling agony by scratching their furry bodies against their noses and paws

The sped-up footage looks very comical as the pandas get into peculiar positions in a bid to make the itchiness go away.

One panda was spotted scratching against a trunk and it appears so absorbed in trying to scratch the itchy spot that it does not realize that it was pointing its bottom towards the camera

Another panda was spotted making good use of a trunk in captivity to give him a good buffing

The funny footage definitely shows how annoying it can be for these pandas when their backs start to get super itchy!

Watch this super hilarious time-lapse video of pandas struggling to scratch their itchy backs here


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