Watch these people walk away from near death experiences without a single scratch on them


Some people are just born luckier than others whether it be because of fate or the work of some higher being. There have been multiple instances of people narrowly escaping tragedy by the skin on their teeth and some of these have been caught on camera. After seeing these scenarios, one can’t help but wonder if these people have guardian angels watching over them and protecting them.

From barely escaping vehicles coming towards them at high speeds or avoiding natural disasters, there is no doubt that these people are incredibly lucky 

These individuals wanted to cross the road and when they thought the coast was clear, they proceeded to jog across only to narrowly escape a huge truck heading their way

This man avoids two large and heavy vehicles but only by an inch, could it be fate?

All these people in the compilation below were just going about their day as per usual when they had these near-death experiences,it could have happened to anybody 

The compilation below will have you at the edge of your seat:


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