This 3-year-old taekwondo student tries his best to break a plank but doesn’t quite get it the first time


Many parents who can afford it will want their children to participate in different activities when they are still young. This is because their learning capacity is the highest when they are still growing up. Some parents choose to send their children for music classes or enroll them in a language course or even sign them up for self-defense classes.

This 3-year-old had to put everything he learnt to the test in order to gain his white belt in taekwondo

The test was held at Peak Taekwondo & Fitness Center in the city of Temecula, California

The youngster leaped onto the board while shouting ‘Aya’ which amused the instructor and parents who were watching 

The coach patiently placed his enthusiastic student in the correct position multiple times 

Then urged him to try again to break the plank placed in front of him 

Time and time again, the child fails and he even jumped on the plank with both his feet in an attempt to break it 

The coach picked him up and placed him down again saying he could only use one foot 

The little boy understood and took a moment to prepare himself before trying again

He even inspected the board with his hands before attempting again 

After countless tries he manages to finally break the board in two 

Finally, he got his white belt!

Watch the hilarious process below:


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