This new dad tries to change his son’s diaper for the first time and it is hilarious


Being a new parent comes with many exciting moments but it also comes with many responsibilities. 

Everything seems well for this novice dad when he is on daddy’s duty until he realises that he has to change his baby’s diaper.

His wife, Emily is away and being a new daddy, Amos is quite sure what he has to do.

Nevertheless, his wife is absent and it is time for him to take charge when his baby boy has full diaper!

This new dad certainly does not expect what will come next when he opens the diaper and the sight and smell instantly hit him.

This new dad starts to cough, gag and exclaims out loud about how tough it is

Thankfully he is able to go through it and change his son’s diaper

Taking care of a baby is certainly not easy and this novice dad definitely has a lot more to learn!

Watch this new dad’s reaction when he tried to change the baby’s diaper for the first time here


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