Teen with autism goes viral for his dancing routine as a Starbucks barista


Sam who is autistic teenager never thought he would be able to get a job as a barista. He has a movement disorder and he feared that he could never work behind the counter.

However, thanks to the supportive Starbucks manager Chris Ali, Sam is now thriving as a barista at the popular coffee franchise.

Video of Sam dancing as he prepares beverages for the customers has quickly gone viral when it was first uploaded on YouTube and teenager now has become an internet sensation thanks to his entertaining dancing

Like many people who are autistic, Sam often struggles with impulsive movements so he has a hard time keeping his body still

Instead of thinking his disorder as a liability, Sam uses his sudden movements and turned them into dancing

Chris also added that the dancing has helped to boost Sam’s self-confidence 

Customers also love the teen’s groove many come to the store just to see Sam’s dancing routine.

Watch the viral video of Sam the dancing barista here


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