This dog became obsessed with a rock and he bit it all the time


Most dogs just cannot get enough of their chewy toys just like this golden retriever. However, it is not the typical rubber toy that he was obsessed with but a rock!

Meet Taebong, a cute golden retriever who lives in South Korea.

He became a hit on the internet after a video of him biting into a large rock went viral

Taebong was always found with a rock in between his jaws and he bit into the rock at all times, even when he was eating, sleeping and pooping!

Seeing Taebong becoming so obsessed with the rock, his owner decided to do something for the sake of the dog’s health

Did Taebong finally let the rock go or he simply ignored his owner’s efforts?

Watch what the owner did to curb Taebong’s obsession with the rock here 


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