This coffee art from Thailand barista is truly sensational and creative


Coffee art refers to the patterns made in the foam on the surface of the latte. This art is certainly hard to master even for the simplest and basic patterns.

However, this coffee barista from Thailand definitely makes it look easy as shown by her effortless and creative patterns on every cup of latte.

There are two main forms of coffee art: free pour technique and etching.

Etching is drawing on a coffee with a thin rod such as a toothpick to create images or pattern in the foam

In the video, this Thai barista shows how she makes the coffee art with the latter technique. First, she holds the cup tilted slightly on one side

Then, she steadily and slowly pours the steamed milk into the cup

Next, she swirls syrup on the foam

Unlike free pour technique which requires technical skills, etching requires one to have true artistic talent and Modderkolk proves that he is a real artist.

As a result, her coffee art looks incredibly amazing and colourful!

Watch how he creates the creative and colourful coffee art here


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