Stunning Korean lady shocks TV hosts and crowd because she has a body that men dream to have


Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world and for good reason. It is the front runner of cosmetic surgery because the world has acknowledged their expertise in that field. A great majority of Koreans will undergo some sort of procedure in their lifetime, be it a nose job, double-eyelid surgery or the attempt to get a sculpted V-shaped face.

Due to the prevalence of these procedures and the fact that the society hold strong views on what they deem ‘beautiful’, anything that does not adhere to this standard of beauty is considered abnormal. Take a look at this young lady below!

Yeon Woo Jhi looks like your typical Korean girl-next door right? But looks can be deceiving


The moment she reveals her physique, the crowd and hosts are in complete shock 

Although female bodybuilding has been around for quite some time, in Asia it is only just growing in popularity because the typical depiction of feminine beauty is slim and slender

Yeon Woo Jhi is challenging these strongly held views of beauty by going against the grain and building muscles that most men can only dream of having 

Yeon is only one individual from a growing group of female body builders but she is the most popular 

Back in 2014, Yeon placed first in the  Arnold Classic Europe Physique championship and she is running for it again this year 


The expressions of those who saw Yeon on the TV show says it all

Through handwork and determination, Yeon has broken barriers and stigmas to be who she is today 

She has faced many criticisms over the past years but she brushes them off because it is of no consequence to her 

Her face is completely average-looking by Korean standards but her physique is phenomenal 

Watch how the crowd reacts when she shows them her triceps!


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