Footage of these panda cubs playing on the slide will be the cutest thing you see today!


Pandas are just the cutest! Despite their huge size, these bears are harmless as they prefer to laze around most of the time and spend their days eating as well as messing around with one another if they have any energy leftover. Pandas are not known for being very active which could be detrimental to their health as they age and that is why caretakers are trying to get the cubs to move around while they are still young. This is in hopes that they would remain active as they grow older.

Look at these four panda cubs running around with their caretaker in their enclosure

This footage was taken from Chengdu Panda Base which is dedicated to saving giant pandas and other rare animal species 

These little ones emit high-pitched squeals as they slide down the custom-made wooden slide 

Watch these adorable fluff-balls play on their slide below:



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