This simple DIY fish trap can let you catch dozens of fish at once


For those who love fishing, waiting for hours to catch fish is not a problem. Sometimes, they are willing to spend days just to wait for their baits to lure a big catch.

However, not everyone has the luxury to spend hours or days to catch fish. For those who still wish to catch fish in just a short period of time, this smart boy has one clever trick up his sleeve that you can follow.

All you need is just a plastic basket, wires, dried twigs and a fish net. First, tie the twigs onto the end of the plastic basket with the wire. Make sure that the twigs are not too close to each other

Then, attach the fish net according to the size of the basket. One useful tip for this fish trap is use a big basket so that more fish can be caught

Lastly, place the fish trap in the water where the current is strong and leave it for a few hours

Make sure that there is no big gap between the fish trap and the side of the river to avoid the fish from escaping.

This really simple fish trap does not take long to be made and plus, you can catch dozens of fish at once after just a few hours!

Watch how to make this efficient and simple fish trap here


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