Hilarious reactions of safari visitors show you what happens when you roll down car window at the safari


Nothing can beat the thrill of observing the wild animals at the safari from the comfort of your car.

Taking a glimpse of the wild and exotic animals at their natural habitat with just glass windows as the barrier has been one of the most popular things to do among safari visitors.

But, can you imagine what will happen if you rolled down your car windows for a second while touring around the safari?

Luckily, you can save all the imaginations as these visitors can show you what will happen if you decided to roll down your car window while driving through a safari

In this hilarious video, these visitors get the surprise of a lifetime when they roll down their car window while driving at the safari

It turns out, these animals are more curious that most of the visitors.

Some of them even go as far as sticking their heads inside the visitors’ car to take a closer look at the humans!

Watch this compilation of videos where animals stick their heads inside the car and surprise the visitors in their own funny way here


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