Indian man with a heart of gold prepares 1,000 eggs at one go to feed the homeless


This father and son duo prepares meals in huge quantities for the soul purpose of distributing them to the homeless and needy. They have a YouTube channel called Village Food Factory that follows Arumugam Gopinath as he prepares various dishes for the disadvantaged people in his area.

In the video below, the dish he chose to make was scrambled eggs and he used a whopping 1,000 eggs in total.

Although the recipe is pretty straightforward, it is just the astounding number of ingredients that really shocked netizens. The sheer number of eggs he used, coupled with onions, green chilies and salt, made for one of the largest batches of eggs people have ever seen being prepared.

Here are the trays of eggs laid out on the ground, which gives people a look at just how much of a mammoth dish this will turn out to be

Gopinath and his son cracked all the eggs into a few metal basins

After they finished preparing the massive egg dish, they set out to package them into individual containers and they will then distribute them to the homeless 

Watch the process from start to finish below:


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