Friendly beluga whale kissed a baby but it was heartbroken after seeing the baby’s unexpected reaction


As a very social creature, beluga whales are not afraid of getting close to humans. 

So, when this beluga whale saw a cute baby with her mother sitting by its pool, it became excited and wanted to show its affection towards the baby.

The adorable footage shows the beluga whale swimming on the surface and leaping to give the little girl a very sweet peck on her cheek

Unfortunately, the baby girl suddenly burst into tears and hugged her mother

Poor beluga whale. It must have expected to see a smile, not tears!

You can actually see the beluga whale looked confused when the baby suddenly cried

The video quickly went viral with many users sympathising with the social creature. One comment wrote: “The whale must be heart-broken seeing the baby’s unexpected reaction.”

Watch the full video here and see for yourself the beluga whale became confused when the baby burst into tears


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