Color blind dad is brought to tears after his family gives him these special glasses


Color blindness isn’t a kind of blindness at all, it is a type of deficiency which makes it difficult for individuals to differentiate colors. People who are color blind have a limited perception of colors and often perceive colors inaccurately.

The three common types of color blindness which are classified as deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia

Opie Hughes from Pennsylvania, USA is an individual who has suffered from color blindness his entire life and he has never been able to see the world in all it’s vibrant glory

His family decided to buy him a set of special glasses produced by a California company called EnChroma which is said to help people with color blindness see regularly using a series of high-tech filters

The moment he put the glasses on, Hughes was overwhelmed 

“The whole experience as seen in the video is more the culmination of everything going on between the excitement, the environment, the nervousness, and the actual effect of the glasses,” said Hughes 

Watch the first time this father-of-three sees vibrant colors below:


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