This man tries to pick up the newborn cubs in front of the lioness. Her reaction next is just incredible!


One of the most important lessons when dealing with wild animals is probably never to come between a mother and her babies. Especially, large and dangerous animals like lions.

However, this man proves that he can charm his way to pick up a cub even when the mother lioness is just around the corner.

This incredible video footage shows how strong the relationship is between the trainer and the lioness

It is just amazing to see how comfortable the lioness can be with her trainer!

Apparently, the trainer works hard to build the trust and the strong bond with one of the deadliest predators in the world.

The bond is so strong that she even allows him to pick up and interacting with her newborn cubs

It is totally heart-warming to see how trusting the lioness is towards the man!


While she has every reason not to trust him, animals can actually identify true friendship and the lioness may have seen it in the trainer.

Watch the lucky trainer bonding with the newborn cubs in front of the friendly lioness here


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