This dog helps it’s owner carry groceries into the house instead of playing fetch


Dogs are pretty amazing creatures because not only are they loyal companions but you can also teach them tricks. Most dog owners will try and get their dogs to follow their command by teaching them to respond to words in a certain way. The most common tricks people would get their dogs to learn include rolling over, shaking hands, giving them a high-five and playing dead.

It is tough to train your dogs especially if you’re not strict with them or if they are just to playful and refuse to learn. This bullmastiff named Millie however, is on a whole another level. She insists on helping her owner by carrying the groceries in!

Millie is determined to carry the grocery bags from the car, all the way into the house 

She keeps going back to the car to grab more bags and does not stop until the job is done

Just look at how helpful she is in the video below:


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