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This doctor has a trick that can stop any baby from crying in under 5 seconds!


Babies can be a handful at times, especially for new parents who has to figure out their baby’s needs every time they start to wail. Parents need to know by these shrill screams if their infant needs to be fed, changed or if they’re tired and in need of a nap.

Although some parents have mastered the art of soothing their crying babies in their own way, sometimes it seems like nothing will work!

One doctor claims to have found a foolproof way of calming infants in mere seconds with this ‘holding’ technique. Dr. Robert Hamilton is a pediatrician from Santa Monica, California who believes he has found the secret to quieting a crying baby.

He starts by folding a baby’s arms across its chest and then holds the child with one hand around its chest and the other on it’s bottom

All he does from there is that he gently rocks the baby’s bottom back and forth until miraculously, the child stops crying!

Hamilton has gone around demonstrating this technique he calls “The Hold” and it works every time 

Watch him in action below, you’ll be blown away by how fast he gets these babies to stop crying:



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