When this elephant sees it’s favorite handler being ‘attacked’, it charges to protect him!


Elephants are majestic creatures and are known for being gentle giants. They are great companions despite being as big as they are because they share many qualities with us humans. They are social creatures and can be very affectionate in addition to having a high level of intelligence. They will do everything in their power to protect those they deem close to them and defend their own against outside threats.

The video below shows just how faithful and loving they can be. The elephant featured in the video is a 17-year-old female named Thongsri from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While Thongsri was out, she noticed her favorite caregiver being ‘attacked’ by another person

She came trumpeting at once in order to scare off the attacker and then she tended to her caregiver who was lying on the ground

The attack was staged because the caregiver was curious to see how she would react and he was not disappointed. Watch the video below to see Thongsri’s full reaction:



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