Watching this man make traditional Indian bangles right in of you is utterly mesmerizing


Jewelry and women go hand in hand, although in the present day, jewelry is not only exclusively worn by women because even men are choosing to wear them. Jewelry has been worn by Indian women since time immemorial and each piece has deep significance. When they decide to adorn themselves with jewelry, it is not only because of customary tradition but also because each piece has many values attached to it.

Nowadays most of the world’s jewelry is mass produced and have lost the artist’s significance as well as the individual piece’s personality. Bangles are popped out by the thousands in large factories which requires little to no human interaction. Luckily, there  are people who still carry on the tradition of making bangles in the time-honored way.

Each piece of jewelry that is placed on a woman has it’s significance

This man makes incredible bangles using varying colors of natural resin and he does each bangle by hand 

No two bangles are the same because of the human touch in making them which means that you will have a one-of-a-kind bangle to call your own

Watch this bangle-maker in action below:



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