These two lucky paddle boarders were so close to a herd of manatees, they swam right under their noses


Being able to paddle board on serene and clear waters with your other half sums up what a great date would look like, but this couple did not expect something this amazing would happen. Tyler and Lauren signed up for a river cruise in Florida with SUP WEEKI which is a company that specialists in Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Some people are lucky to catch glimpses of fish in the crystal clear water but this couple witnessed something much more exciting

A herd of ten manatees slowly snuck up behind them and proceeded to swim past the paddle boarders ever so gracefully

What looked like ominous dark shadows in the distance turned out to be a large group of harmless manatees

One mischievous manatee even swam right under the woman’s paddle board!

Manatees, or sometimes known as sea cows, are docile creatures and are categorized as an endangered species 

The team at SUP WEEKI stated after they posted the video, “We don’t see manatee every time people go out here – and I always tell people they’re lucky to see one. These folks got to see ten all at once!”

Watch the breathtaking and rare video below:


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