Home Video This monster fish disguised itself as the sandy bottom of the ocean—when...

This monster fish disguised itself as the sandy bottom of the ocean—when other fish passed by…


Like the famous master of camouflage, iguana, some fishes also have the ability to camouflage to avoid predators and to hunt preys.

These fishes will usually camouflage against the bottom of the ocean where they nicely blend with the colour of the dark and sandy bottom of the ocean while waiting for their unsuspecting preys just like this predator fish!

This fish which is also known as stonefish is one of the world’s best camouflaged fishes

Stonefish is the master of undersea camouflage since it can blend so well with its surrounding, making it hard for their predators, preys and even humans to spot them.

It always sits still on the sea floor and they can be perfectly still for hours while waiting to ambush their preys

Technically, they do not actively hunt for their prey. Instead, they wait for their dinner to come to them!

Just look at how fast and deceptive this incredible fish can be!

Watch how one of the best disguised predator fishes in the world ambush its dinner here




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