This South Korean’s drummer is the latest internet sensation for her natural beauty and amazing drumming skills


South Korea’s artists are famous for their extremely good-looking features but this particular female celebrity stands out among the beautiful and the talented for a unique reason.

A South Korean beauty who goes by the name of A-Yeon has become an internet sensation for her incredible drumming skills.

A-Yeon mostly does covers of popular songs where she performs with her band,  Bebop, with another female member, Ju Woo who plays guitar

One of her videos where she covers Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” has nearly 250,000 views on Facebook alone 

She is by far the most famous member in her band since the band debuted in 2014. A-Yeon is also often seen wearing provocative outfits such as lingerie when she performs

However, she does not always wear her lingerie outfit when performing. Here in this video, A-Yeon chose a simple black top for the stage

Watch her amazing drumming skills and astonishing beauty here


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